Ombres et lumières

A solo piano album and concert in tribute to migrants

"In addition to the artistic motivation, the objective of this project is simple: to echo to me, as tiny as it is, the men, women and children in danger of death in their country who come knocking on our door. I wish to offer my support to people, associations and NGOs who promote humanity, tirelessly fighting against selfishness, indifference and even worse, silence."   Tristan Lofficial


Concert o l a angers










"On sunday, march 20, 2022, in the heart of the Ursula chapel in Angers, Tristan Lofficial will sit down at the piano for a unique moment of enchanting sharing and solidarity.  Fruit of his written and improvised music, he dedicates his album «Ombres et lumières» to migrants and offers us this first solo concert full of emotion and truth... May this concert be the melodious echo of our shared humanity."   Pierre Joseph, Director (Maine-et-Loire) of France terre d'asile


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Ombres et Lumières
















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N.B. The benefits of the album are donated to SOS MÉDITERRANÉE association


Concerts - 2022 / 2023 season 


Concert in partnership with France terre d'asile :

* Sunday march 20, 2022 in Angers

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Private concert :

* Sunday june 19, 2022 in Biollay 

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Concerts in partnership with Amnesty International

Festival des Solidarités saturday november 19, 2022 in Verdun 

Information and reservation : Festival des solidarités verdun 

* Festival Émile Durkheim saturday avril 15, 2023 in Épinal