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First prize of the Angers Conservatory in 1988 and State graduate in 1995, Tristan Lofficial teaches piano, improvisation and choreographic accompaniment to amateurs, students and professionals in private lessons and as part of internships in France (CEFEDEM de Lyon, Centre National de Danse Contemporaine, École Nationale Supérieure de Danse de Marseille), Japan (Architanz in Tokyo), Thailand (Bangkok City Ballet) and Italy (Académie Nationale de Danse de Rome). 

In 2014, he wrote "L'improvisation pour tous", an educational project based on his personal experience, initially proposed as part of the initial teaching of music in national conservatories. From 2019 to 2021, he taught classical piano and jazz at the Conservatoire of Saint-Germain-en-Laye.


L'improvisation pour tous

"Every day, I practice improvisation. And every day, it challenges me, surprises me and questions me. These are the same questions that fed my reflections on the teaching of this discipline, to finally lead me to the construction of this pedagogical project."    Tristan Lofficial (october 2014)

Pedagogical project

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